Rugged Radios introduces the new Positive Flow Racing Catheter Kit which includes two self-sealing catheters so you’ll always have a spare. This kit is designed for total convenience.

This male external catheter is comfortable and easy to use. It is latex free, medical grade, hypoallergenic and made of silicone so there is no chance of latex irritation. When worn properly the male external catheter will not leak or come off, making it perfect for long distance racing applications.Rugged Radios Positive Flow Racing Catheter

As an added feature, the package features a sizing guide to determine what size you will need. Since every man is different, the male external catheters come in 3 different sizes (29mm, 32mm, and 36mm). In this particular case, size is important. The combo kit includes one of each size. Remember, with Positive Flow, you get positive results! – Only from Rugged Radio’s

MSRP: $15~$17

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Positive Flow Kit Includes

  • (2) Self Sealing Latex-Free Catheters*
  • (1) Hose
  • (1) Hose Fitting
  • (1) Product Card

*2 catheters included with all regular kits, 1 of each size included in the combo kit 

Rugged Radios Positive Flow Racing Catheter

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