Great Outdoors Month - Enhancing Safety and Connection Through Trail Communications

Great Outdoors Month - Enhancing Safety and Connection Through Trail Communications

Great Outdoors Month:

Enhancing Safety and Connection Through Trail Communications

By: Joey Placke. Contributions by: Audry Jean and Dustin Ensign

As the weather grows warmer, we start to excitedly plan our Summers against the coming of June and the announcement of The Great Outdoors Month, which pushes outdoor enthusiasts to begin gearing up once again to adventure with family and friends.

Whether you're an avid hiker, offroad adventurer, or powersports enthusiast - this month is an excellent reminder to reconnect with nature!

So take a look at some of our tips and tricks below for ensuring that your upcoming adventures are fun and safe - and sign up for the Great Outdoors Giveaway to win big during the month of June.

The Great Outdoors Giveaway

Win a FREE Adventure Pack!

In celebration of The Great Outdoors Month, we are giving away a FREE GMRS Adventure Pack to a new or current SMS subscriber! To enter the giveaway, simply signup for our Mobile Alerts below.

Adventure Packs come with 2 handhelds outfitted with high performance accessories:

  • (2) GMR2 PLUS radios
  • (2) Long Range Antennas
  • (2) XL Batteries
  • (2) USB Charging Cables
  • (2) Belt Clips
  • (2) Charging cradles
  • (2) AC adapter/chargers
  • (1) Storage Bag with Handle
  • (1) Bag ID Kit

One winner will be chosen after sign-ups close at midnight PDT on June 30th.

I'm Technically Outside my House, What Now?

Let the Good Times Roll

Good times. That's what we recommend. But the path to outdoor fulfillment is riddled with danger and uncertainty, especially compared to indoors.

So pack up your walkie-talkies, take the cover off your mobile radio, and enjoy reading our tips, advice, and safety suggestions to ensure your next outing is blunder-free and bolstered by Rugged communication gear.

A trained professional safely tosses his baby thanks to radio communication.

The Benefits of Using Radios for Outdoor Activities

Keep Your Group in the Loop

One of the primary benefits of using radios during outdoor activities is the inherent safety they provide by staying in constant communication. Radios are the unsung heroes of outdoor adventure, turning unstructured wilderness into a well-connected playground.

That's why there's no replacement to having a pair of GMRS walkie talkies in your group. They keep your pack tethered and informed with instant updates on locations, hazards, and changes of plan.

We Reserve the Right to Provide Service

The safety net of society leaves when your service does - making radios a crucial component of your safety repertoire. In remote areas, they ensure constant connectivity in your group regardless of location (barring some edge-case geographical challenges).

One of our customers recently shared a story of their vehicle breaking down on a challenging trail with no cell signal. They were able to radio back to camp for a tow, avoiding a long hike back for help.

Timothy, a risk averse veteran outdoorsman, uses his radio to save the day.

Techniques for Effective Communication

Practice Regularly

Encourage yourself and your group to practice using radios regularly. Familiarity with the devices and how they operate ensures that everyone can communicate effectively when it matters most.

Press and Hold the PTT Button

When transmitting a message, press and hold the push-to-talk (PTT) button for about two seconds before speaking. This ensures that your entire message is transmitted clearly. Avoid making the radio squelch sound with your mouth.

Speak Calmly and Clearly

Effective communication is as simple as speaking calmly and clearly! Avoid shouting or speaking too quickly, as this can distort your message. Clear and concise communication helps in preventing misunderstandings and ensures that everyone recieves the information accurately.

Get to Know Your Radio

Rugged Radios come equipped with various features that can enhance your outdoor experience. Take the time to get familiar with these functions:

Weather Stations

Flashlight Function

FM Radio

Safety and best practices aside, radios can bring so much to your adventures. They add a layer of fun to just about everything - whether it's friendly banter. organizing games, or sharing updates on the go. Radios enhance the spirit of adventure! They foster camaraderie and create a more immersive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

So, Go Further™, and have fun exploring the Great Outdoors!

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