Rugged Ready | Team Rugged Takes Over San Felipe

Rugged Ready | Team Rugged Takes Over San Felipe

San Felipe called and Team Rugged answered with podium wins in at least 9 different classes, proving once again that being Rugged Ready gives a racer the upper-hand.

We headed down to Baja the week of the San Felipe 250 to help racers prepare their communications for the big race, and we spent a lot of time testing and tuning comms for all kinds of race cars. We caught up with Kristen Matlock during tech and contingency to make sure everything was good to go. She was cool, calm, collected, and it showed - as the “Queen of Baja” took the 1st Place podium the next day for the Pro UTV NA class!

Kristen ran into a situation during the race where her radios became critical:

“Our guys were stuck in traffic getting out to pit 1 & 2 and didn’t make it before I passed through. Fortunately they were able to reach me on the radio to let me know, so I didn’t think I missed them. I was supposed to get a splash of fuel at pit 2 and when I got close to pit 3 I radioed ahead so they would have fuel ready for me.”

Our friends at Black Hills UTV had racers in a few different classes, but it was their Pro Stock UTV car that pulled through with a 1st place finish. During the race, they were running low on fuel and radioed ahead for the fix.

“A few miles before I got to one of our visual pits, I realized we weren’t going to make it on gas and had to radio ahead and have our guys switch gears from a visual pit to an actual gas pit. When I got to them they were ready to go with gas! 30 second pit gas and go!”

Situations like that can make or break a race, which is why we always say: communication is key!

But what happens when your communications equipment isn’t working as intended? Maybe your comms installation looks like a rat's nest of wires? We’re here to help! We stand by our products, and whether you’re at the race or working on your car at home, we offer unparalleled customer service and technical support.

Duran Motorsports was experiencing some technical issues before race day in San Felipe, so our road crew dropped in for a visit.

“The day before the race we were having issues with our radios and the Rugged Radios van came to our camp and checked all our radios and made sure they were working perfectly. They did an amazing job and we have never had as good communication as we did this race!”

We’re always happy to help our Rugged family with their communications!

Congratulations to all our racers below! Who’s ready for the Baja 500?

Photos courtesy of GETSOMEphoto, UTV Sports Mag, and Daniel Curiel

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