Rugged Radios Fire Truck Intercoms and Headsets

Fire and Safety Communications

Fire truck intercoms, headsets, jack boxes, and cables

Firefighters and Emergency Medical Service teams demand the highest quality and most reliable communications to work effectively and keep our communities safe. Rugged firefighter and safety intercoms offer advanced features to connect firemen, front and rear drivers, and EMS staff with clear audio in response situations.

Our engineer jack boxes provide effortless connectivity anywhere in the firetruck or emergency vehicle. Rugged industrial-designed headsets offer simple built-in PTTs, a large volume control knob, and the clarity of noise cancelling microphones.

Ladder trucks, ambulances, and emergency vehicles can count on Rugged Radios for reliable, clear, easy to use communication solutions.

race and recreation helmets

Purpose-built communications for fire trucks


Fire Truck Intercom and Headset Kits
  • Complete Firetruck Kit
    Intercom, headsets, cables
    Multiple positions
    Connects cell phone and radios. Supports multiple radio connections.


Fire Truck Intercoms
  • Connect multiple crew
  • Multiple radio ports
  • Easy installation
  • Quick-Lock connections


Fire Truck Headset Jack Boxes
  • Multiple options
    Rugged extruded housing
    Quick-Lock jack ports
    Built-in mounting base
    Easily daisy chain additional units


  • Industrial performance
  • Built-in push-to-talk
    Adjustable volume control
  • Noise cancelling mic
    High output speakers

Fire Truck and Safety Vehicle Intercom Kits

Powerful and clear communications that are Rugged built and easy to install. Features easy locking cables and various jack box options for connecting multiple fire fighters.

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Fire Truck and Safety Vehicle Intercoms

The Rugged Radios RRP100 and RRP800 offer powerful emergency communications. The RRP100 easily connects 3 mobile or handheld radios and a cell phone to any Rugged intercom system while the RRP800 connects 2 to 6 crew and 2 pump panel positions to two radios and a cell phone.

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Fire Truck Jack Boxes

Provide multiple connections to fire fighter personell. Easily daisy chain in and out connectors for adding additional positions.

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Fire Truck Headsets and Cables

Specifically for industrial, safety, and civil service jobs such as fire departments, manufacturing, and heavy equipment operators

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