NMO Bulkhead with UHF Female Connector

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The NMO Bulkhead Adapter allows you to quickly link and remove the antenna cable between your radio and antenna while also providing additional mounting options for install locations that require thicker mounts, such as roofs.

The 3/4" height allows mounting into almost any vehicle and is an ideal choice for all race cars. With the NMO-Bulkhead, you no longer have to use a soldered or permanently installed NMO cable to complete your radio connection.

Mounting Hole Diameter: 5/8" 

If a cable is ever damaged, you can simply replace the cable and re-attach it to your NMO Bulkhead.

Simply install the NMO Bulkhead, attach your cable and remove the cable when no longer in use. It keeps installation clean and simple! Perfect to guarantee easy cable replacement.

Ideal for applications with infrequent radio use to keep cable clutter to a minimum such as chase trucks.

Works with Male-to-Male end coax cable:

  • NMO-RACE-12C